Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Blended Learning: Coming to a district near you

Get ready for blended learning as it is coming to a school district near you!  The blended learning platform is the ultimate in 21st century teaching and learning.  So, what is blended learning? In short, it is a model which incorporates teacher to student best practices as well as intertwines lesson delivery, learning practice and the administration of assessments via on-line programs in order to differentiate learning for each student's level of readiness.

Since blended learning is likely coming to your district soon, I thought you might like a mini-trailer of what's to come.  So, read further, click on the links below and get a peak of what is undoubtedly coming your way!
Click on this an amazing info-graphic on blended learning (or click on the image) posted by The Nkewton Company.