Saturday, December 28, 2013

My 2013 PLN Journey

In April 2013, I began my PLN journey through blogging and Twitter (@differNtiated4u).  Let me start by saying that 1) I had no idea how to go about blogging and 2) I was not entirely sure the point of Twitter.  All I knew was that I wanted to connect with passionate educators looking to make a positive impact on 21st century learners.

Now, nine months later I find myself blessed with completing 25 blog posts, 6100+ blog views (well 32 of those are mine before I figured out how to not track my own views:-), and an amazing Twitter PLN of almost 900 followers.  It would be remiss of me to not give a shout out to my favorite Twitter chats and groups for helping me grow as an educator:  #sunchat, #sbgchat, #colchat, #edchatie, #langchat and #collabed.

Here's a glance at my top blog posts and twitter chats:

  1. What's Your Definition of a Fair Teacher: Out of the Mouthes of Babes (Views 617)
  2. Formative Assessments: Let's Call It Your Reality Check (Views 538)
  3. Descriptive Feedback:  Your Magic Wand (Views 371)
  4. An Apple App to Feature Student Projects (Views 312)
  5. Digital Trifecta for CommonCore (Views 187)
  6. Unveiling the Half Truths of Standard Based Grading (Views 167)
  7. Connecting Students: Reflections4u & Success4u (Views 156)
  8. Storify Literacy4u
  9. Storify Interventions4u
  10. Storify Reflections4u

The journey has been amazing thus far despite my #notsotechymoments (that really should be a hashtag)! Just this week I had it in my head I should have my own domain name...alas changing it omitted all prior comments to my posts. Clearly my blogging journey is a constant work in progress, but I absolutely love it!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you who connect with me via Google+ and/or Twitter.  It is your commentary and interactions that fan my flame.

As my journey continues on into 2014 I will continue to connect with you all by remaining transparent in my actions, standing firm in my convictions and being flexible with process in order to grow.

Blessings to you all & Happy New Year!